Family Dental Plans

  • Entire families – large & small – save all year long
  • Get discounts from pediatric dentists & orthodontists
  • Save on Checkups, Braces, Root Canals, Crowns & more
  • Over 30 top rated plans

OCI Healthcare Plan:

1 year full dental coverage, includes:
– ilimited free consultation
– 2 professional cleanings (done by a dentist)
– 2 composite fillings
– 2 dental x rays

*Extend your plan to your kid(s) under 10 years old for an extra fee

ALL this only for $250 per year.
Extra fee per kid $140 (includes 2 child cleanings and sealants)

 Our family dental plans make it easy to protect your family’s dental health and save money at the dentist. Just make an appointment with a participating dentist and enjoy on-the-spot discounts.

By using a family dental plan to save money on dental care, regular visits to the family dentist can help alleviate dental problems before they become serious and expensive. According to Oral Health America, the cost of preventive dental treatment is 10 times less than the cost of managing symptoms of dental disease in a hospital emergency room.